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How to Use a Pendulum

Updated: Feb 1

A pendulum is a divination tool consisting of a weighted object attached to a string or chain. It serves as an extension of your intuition and subconscious mind, providing insights through the subtle movements it makes. The mind can be very tricky so pendulums help to bypass the thought and trust the higher intelligence/higher self.

Pendulum divination has been used across cultures and traditions for centuries, believed to tap into universal energy and the intuitive wisdom of the user or on behalf of another person.

Choosing a Pendulum:

When choosing a pendulum, consider the material and your personal connection to it. Trust

what you are most drawn to - this is all about tapping into your intuition after all!

Crystals, known for their energetic properties, are popular choices. Crystals are able to hold their own vibration and channel energy so they are one of the most reliable and consistent pendulum mediums for this reason. You can also use a necklace, a ring on a piece of hair (this is what I do when I don't have a pendulum handy!), even a teabag!

Ensure it feels comfortable and balanced in your hand.

Cleansing the Pendulum:

Cleansing is crucial to remove any energies the pendulum may have picked up. Hold it under running water, put it under the full moon, immerse in salt water, pass it through the smoke of sage, or use Reiki energy for cleansing if you are attuned. Set the intention that it is clear and ready to receive guidance.

Calibrating the Pendulum:

Before use, sit in a quiet space, holding the pendulum in your dominant hand.

Some people hold it by the end of the chain/string with their fingertips. Some pendulums have a ring at the end of the chain you can slide over your finger (or you could wrap the chain around your finger) and let it dangle.

My preferred way is to hold the chain over my pointer finger, using my thumb to keep it in place, with the chain about 10cm in length. The shorter the chain the faster the pendulum will move, giving faster responses.

You may hold your arm in space or rest your elbow on a firm surface. You do not have to start with the chain dead still, I find having existing momentum gives faster responses.

Test different ways of holding the pendulum to find what feels comfortable for you.

Begin by asking, "Pendulum please show me 'yes'" and observe the direction of the swing. Then ask "Pendulum, please show me 'no.'" and observe if it does a different movement.

Now test by asking a question you know the answer will be Yes, and same for No.

You have now established how the pendulum will show you a Yes or No.

Common patterns are side to side, back and forth and circles - anti-clockwise and clockwise.

The movements may start out very subtle. If this is the case you can ask the pendulum to amplify the movement. Like anything, the more you practice and trust, the stronger the response will become.

You can also program the Yes and No responses yourself. Pendulums work off the subtle movements of your own body, your own subconscious (the intelligence that beats your heart, heals your wounds and breathes for you) is what is moving the pendulum, not some mysterious external force.

So if you want to set the intention that your Yes is a back and forth swing and your No is a side to side swing for example, you can do this too.

Guidelines for Asking Questions:

Phrase questions for a clear yes or no response. Be specific and avoid vague queries. Remaining impartial is crucial - detach emotionally to ensure the pendulum's movement is not influenced by your personal desires.

If you are not clear with your question you will likely not receive a clear response.

Make sure you are asking simple Yes/No questions.

If you feel your head becoming too involved and uncertainty coming in, put the pendulum aside, take some deep breaths, centre yourself and then resume.

If you still do not receive a response it may be something that cannot be answered at this time. Remember you are working within the framework of Universal energies and your own divine plan, so asking things like the lotto numbers is not going to give you a result (unless of course it is your destiny to win that lotto!).

Uses for Pendulums:


  • Seek guidance on decisions or choices by asking the pendulum questions related to the options at hand. Eg For my greatest and highest good should I see this practitioner?

  • Utilize the pendulum as a tool for self-reflection and personal growth, gaining insights into your life path and purpose. Eg Am I blocking myself? Which of these card decks has guidance for me today? (Move over each deck until you receive a yes - you can then do the same asking how many cards to pull, 1, 2, 3... and stop when you receive a Yes).

  • Hold the pendulum over a map or area, asking specific yes/no questions to pinpoint the location of lost items, or go room to room/space to space asking is it in here?

Tapping into Body's Intelligence:

  • Ask the pendulum to show you areas of the body that need attention or healing. You can move the pendulum slowly over your body (or someone else's) asking it to show you a Yes over an area that needs attention.

  • Use it to check the compatibility of certain foods or supplements with your body. Eg Is this supportive for my body? Which of these are most beneficial to me?

In Energy Healing Sessions:

  • Use the pendulum to assess energy centers in a client's body. It can detect imbalances or blockages, guiding your energy healing practices. Eg Does this chakra have an imbalance? Is there a trapped emotion here?

  • Discern if it is appropriate to share information or things you have perceived during a healing session (or any information about another person). Eg Is it approproate for me to share this with X? Is it for their greatest and highest good for me to share this/send Reiki/ask this etc


If asking questions on someone else's behalf always get their permission to do so first. Also be mindful of this if asking questions around relationships - questions should only relate to you/the person you are asking for (who has given their permission).

Closing the Session:

  • When finished, express gratitude to the pendulum for its guidance and insights.

  • If Reiki was used for cleansing, thank the energy and acknowledge the completion of the session.

Incorporating a pendulum into your spiritual practice can deepen your connection to intuition and provide valuable insights, making it a versatile tool for personal growth and divination. As with any tool, practice and experience will enhance your proficiency.

Did you know I sell pendulums? I use them in Reiki sessions and in my daily life. They really helped me at the start of my spiritual journey to overcome doubt and trust myself more deeply, and now they are just a natural part of my spiritual practice. Contact me if you would like to buy a pendulum.

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