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and experience the difference Reiki can make in your life

I teach all levels of Usui & Seichim Reiki and course dates are often chosen by request.  If you are ready for level 1, 2, Masters (3A) or Master Teacher (3B) in Usui Reiki or level 1 or Masters in Seichim and the listed dates don't suit you/there is no course date showing please contact me and let's arrange one.

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I went to see Abbi on a morning when I felt unusually flat. I was worn out, exhausted and drove there yawning. I said sorry when I walked in to Abbi’s beautiful space as I wasn’t myself. I couldn’t believe at the end of my calming session how opposite I felt to my arrival. I felt awake, energised, positive, and honestly so in awe of Abbi’s work/gift.  So grateful!

Megan Sullivan

I had an amazing first Reiki session with Abbi at Sunshine Coast Reiki.  I arrived with a terrible headache and had been feeling very anxious and sad several days before from various events going on around me.  My experience had a lot of heat around my head to begin with and lots of exhaling progressed as I felt the stress pressure in my chest releasing and towards the end a massive lifting of heaviness felt like it escaped out of my body.  My headache was totally gone the next day and I felt very energised and happy.  Highly recommend!

Rachel Blacklaw

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Sunshine Coast Reiki is a professional member of, and is fully insured by, the IICT

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